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Qty : 4 liter per bottle Colour : Green Colour Packaging : 4 bottle per carton Unit Price 1 bottle 35 per bottle 1 ctn 30 per bottle 5 ctn 26 per bottle Function : Extra long last shining clean to the floor, it's suitable for marble, granite, ceramic tile, parquet and composite flooring Is best and safe way to...


Dimension: Close :           860mm(W) X 110mm(D) X 600mm(H) Open:           860mm(W) X 600mm(D) X 500mm(H)

DIMENSION IPO025-SD101 - 1200ml120mm(W) X 70mm(D) X 205mm(H) IPO025-SD102 - 500ml95mm(W) X 55mm(D) X 170mm(H)


Full Colour Round Mop 300gm  Colour available : White/ Red/ Blue/ Green/ Yellow/ Orange Price: White - RM5.60 Other Colour - RM7.70


Wooden Handle Size: 2.5ft - RM1.90/unit 4ft - RM2.20/unit 6ft - RM4.70/unit


Maid Trolley w/o Door Size: 1540(L) x 540(W) x 1285(H)mm