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RM100 SHELTON MEMBERSHIP BENEFITS The Shelton membership is open for everyone and commercial businesses. Here's what you get when you sign up with us now! Life Time membership Entitle mysterious gift set Entitle 6 % discount for any purchase Points Redemption Shelton Member Birthday Treats Get reward when you introduce the membership to your...


Size: 500mm x 2.4kg x 0.023mm T (GW) Core: 200gm 208meter x 20" Packaging: 6 Roll/Carton Unit Price 1 roll 26.80 per roll 6 roll 23.00 per roll 30 roll 21.00 per roll 120 roll 19.00 per roll


Qty : 4 liter per bottle Colour : Green Colour Packaging : 4 bottle per carton Unit Price 1 bottle 35 per bottle 1 ctn 30 per bottle 5 ctn 26 per bottle Function : Extra long last shining clean to the floor, it's suitable for marble, granite, ceramic tile, parquet and composite flooring Is best and safe way to...


Three (3) different size available Color : Green Item Size Price (RM) Mobile Garbage Bin 2-Wheel - 120 liters 470mmW x 560mmD x 950mmH 142 Mobile Garbage Bin 2-Wheel - 240 liters 590mmW x 740mmD x 1000mmH 199 Mobile Garbage Bin 2-Wheel - 360liters 730mmW x 870mmD x 1100mmH 410


Two (2) different size available (120 Liters & 240 Liters) Item Size Price (RM) Biohazard Mobile Garbage Bin 2 - Wheel -120liters  460mmW  x550mmD x 940mmH 166 Biohazard Mobile Garbage Bin 2 - Wheel -240liters 590mmW  x730mmD x 1007mmH 218


Black Powder Coated Steel Outer Item Size Price (RM) Room Bin Round Double Layer -Black Powder Coated Steel Outer 225mmD x 265mmH  32


Item Size Price (RM) Stainless Steel Bin Round c/w Open Top  250mmD x 600mmH  101


Code Item Price (RM) DP067-RBS301 A4 size : Malaysia Standard Recycle Colour-Blue (Paper)  15