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All Purpose Penetrating Oil 100  Net Content : 450 ML per bottle Packaging: 24 bottle per carton Unit Price 1 bottle 10.00 per bottle 1 carton 6.00 per bottle Function Is recommended to tap & protect metal from corrosion & rust. The formula contains corrosion inhibitors that will adhere firmly to the metal & quickly...


An alkaline all purpose degreaser to remove stubborn stains & dirt effectively from hard surface. Ideal for cleaning floors, wall & countertops in kitchen, food processing plant & industrial premises. Volume: 500mL Packing: 12bottles/ ctn Quantity Price (RM) 1 Bottle 8.00/ btl 5 Cartons & Above 7.00/ btl


Non-toxic, non-butyl, caustic free alkaline degreaser formulated to remove grease from hoods, air filters, concrete floor, road equipment, engine & other machineries. Contain inhibitors that help to prevent corrosion on aluminium & ferrous surfaces. Ideal for all types of iron, stainless steel, carbon steel & mild steel. Volume: 500mL Packing: 12...


* 500 ML / Bottle * 24 Bottles / Carton * Retail Price: RM8.00 / Bottle * Wholesale Price: 5 Carton and above ( RM5.50 / Bottle )