Audio Visual Machine 

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AV Equipment - Central unit - Wireless unit - Chairman unit - Microphone - Wired microphone - Wireless microphone


- Portable and quick to set up - High definition data image displays - Lightweight size - User friendly features - Quick and easy image adjustment


- Fast and easy installation - Ceiling mount capability - Adjustable height - Flexible design to fit almost all popular projector - 60 degrees rotate for projector


Wall Screen - White & smooth surface diffuses projected light uniformly - Good locking system for variable height settings - Reliable roller mechanism to pull up and down - Easy installation Tripod Screen - Flexible height adjustment - Durable tripod stand - White & smooth surface diffuses projected light uniformly - Easy installation


Classic Rostrum - Classic design suitable for school, colleges and more - High quality wood - Front and side panels are suitable for fixing logos or messages Exclusive Rostrum - Modern design - Durable steel with stable base - Built to last