Company Profile

Shelton Jaya Sdn Bhd register as a sole proprietor since 1983. From the humble beginning of a single factory of 100 square metres, with supply of aluminum frame, door, window, glass works & gypsum board partition. It run by our director , Lim Kong Choong with 20 year experience in the glass & aluminum industry .

Our company objective is provide the quality service & product with reasonable price &after sales service. During the year, we always recruit technique staff to backup our quality product and after sales service.

In year 1990 , our company move to a new factory with office & store in Taman Industri Puchong .In 28 Oct 2008, our company director set up a another company which is Shelton Trading & Marketing Sdn Bhd for trading building material purpose and also can lower our raw material cost .

It also start to get involve in Office Furniture Industry in 2009 to become a strategies partner of our office renovation business such as supplying office open plan partition, workstation, office chair & steel furniture.

Now days the company are provide one chain of service and product in aluminum door window & frame ,tempered glass, gypsumboard partition & office renovation, office furniture service with reasonable price in related industry as shown as below :

Why Us

A. Offer Convenience

  • The potential customer can visit us whenever they like in their own privacy and comfort, without the stresses and distractions that exist in the real world.

B. To shorten customer’s precious Time, you can get Idea from our ROOM CONCEPT.

C. By offering convenience, a point of reference and that touch of individualized customer service, offering customers experience to a higher level of satisfaction.

D. Two-Way Communicative

  • Customers can quickly and easily give feedback / Quotation on our product

E. Always can get assist from us, call at 03 5891 1701 or send us enquiry for the product that customer wish to purchase.

Our Product Range :

Shelton Jaya Sdn Bhd :

  • Aluminum & Glass
    Engineering Work :
    Since 1984 Year
    • Aluminum Door
    • Aluminum Window
    • Aluminum Frame
    • MISC Aluminum Construction Material Product
  • Tempered Glass : 2008 Year
    • Tempered Glass Door
    • Tempered Glass Wall /Partition
    • Tempered Glass Supply / Engineering Work
  • Office Interior Renovation
    Contractor :
    2008 Year
    • Gypsum Board Partition
    • Suspended Ceiling / Strip Ceiling
    • Vertical / Venetian Blinds/ Roller Blinds
    • Carpets / Vinyl Flooring
    • Painting Works
    • Door
  • Building Material Supply : 2008 Year
    • Tempered Glass Supply / Laminated Glass
    • Cut Size / Custom made Float Glass Supply
    • Aluminum Partition Section Supply
    • Plywood Door Supply
    • Aluminium Window Supply
  • Office Furniture Supply : 2009 Year
    • Office Open Plan System Partition
    • Office Chair
    • Office Workstations
    • Office Steel Furniture
  • 'Shelton' Cleaning
    Detergent Distributor :
    2013 Year
    • Alum & Glass Cleaner
    • Flooring Detergent
    • Toilet Detergent
  • Industrial Stretch
    Film Distributor :
    2015 Year
    • Industrial Wrapping from 100mm - 500mm